Why use iceburst?

iceburst lets you easily monitor your infrastructure, applications, databases, networks, data streams, microservices & more - all in one unified platform.

Built directly on top of S3

S3 as a storage layer architecture enables us to offer so many advantages out-of-the-box like separation of storage and compute, time travel, fault tolerance, infinite concurrency reads, fast recovery, and a better developer experience.

Milliseconds retrieval

Streaming data from Apache Flink is ingested directly into Express One Zone where they’re retained for 24 hours before transitioning to Standard tier.

S3 Express One Zone provides consistent single-digit millisecond request latency on hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.

Zero egress cost

You don’t incur any data transfer cost when data is transferred from an Amazon S3 bucket to any AWS Service(s) within the same AWS Region as the S3 bucket (including to a different account in the same AWS Region).

That’s why we launch compute resources in the same region as your S3 bucket.

Added layer of privacy and security

Any sensitive data leaked knowingly or unknowingly into logs or traces, stays within the customer’s boundary and not exposed. And it happens so frequently.

How’s iceburst different?

Build composable data systems

Build composable data systems that grows with you, just like an iceberg. It’s a significant second order effect as your data volume grows everyday. Before you know it, you could be sitting on terabytes of data, paying top dollars, only to get substandard query response times.

Build a culture of deep observability

Build a culture of deep observability in your company from Day One. We want developers to instrument and log everything instead of worrying about how much one extra time series will cost per month.

Manage runaway observability costs

Iceburst allows you to overhaul your observability systems using AWS S3, a durable, scalable, and cost-efficient data store. The outcome: lowered operational costs, enhanced performance, and no unexpected overages.